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In the beginning...

Vector Festival was first introduced to Europe in 2004 by co-hosts United Parachute Technologies (UPT) and Performance Designs as a way to say a massive THANK YOU to the loyal European customers of their products! Vigil AAD was brought on several years later to complete the ultimate "rig" and it's been that way ever since.

Like Vector Festivals of the past, the 2018 Czech Edition is one of the last remaining old-school boogies in Europe. The entire premise is FUN and we make it happen by gathering some of the best organizers around the world coupled with unique nightly entertainment.

Every level of jumper is catered to - from young jumpers to super experienced ninjas- everyone can enjoy the laid back boogie vibe while jumping their asses off with friends and an impressive lineup of organizers! Simply put, Vector Festival is THE skydiving event of the European summer.