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As the host drop zone for Vector Festival 2016, Skydive PINK Klatovy went above and beyond with their food vendors and on-site accommodations. If you find you need accommodations or anything off the DZ, this page is for you!

The food, though! There were many delicious and reasonably priced options to satisfy anyone's hunger no matter their diet. We hope you patronize the vendors who set up on the DZ, but we understand if you need to get off the DZ and head to civilization for a bit :)

Click here for a visitors guide to the charming town of Klatovy. The guide will provide you with a list of sights, points of interest, restaurants, transportation, and other useful information around town. Click here for maps and guides to historic downtown Klatovy. Contact the DZ by emailing for DZ accommodations.

Skydive PINK welcomes skydiving kids from around the world - Professional daycare is available.

Saturday-Sunday - 10:00-19:00

BuKi Willa (on the DZ)


Tuesday-Friday - 7:00-17:00

KuBuKi Kindergarden (approx. 5 minutes from the DZ)

12 Euro (includes breakfast, lunch, and a snack)

Drop Zone Accommodations - contact, the camp is large and provides electricity. First there has the right to pick his or her camping location. You don't have to reserve any camping slots.

Free wifi, toilets, and warm showers.


dz camping options


Bring a tent and camp for FREE!

RV & Trailer Slots

Bring your own. 20€ for the whole event. Contact to reserve.

sold out! - Containers & Caravans - Sold out!

No availability. Rent 2 bedroom container or caravan for 15€ a night. Contact to reserve.


sold out! - Pinkhouse

No availability. Double rooms for 15€ a night. Contact to reserve.

Area Hotels

Search for Klatovy area hotels.

Our Recommendation

5 km from the DZ is a famous hotel with rooms for a good price of 550 CZK per person a day and includes breakfast (22 / 20 €)

Main Square

10 Minutes from Main Square

Out of the City

More Options